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Sunday, 25 February 2018

Terminology Required in Reseller Hosting Business

'Bandwidth’ refers to the amount of data transfer allowed to one’s website every month, which is around 10 GB for new websites. ‘Web space’ is the amount of space which is provided to a client for his web site.

Domain name’ is the words which other users will enter in the browser’s URL bar in order to access a client’s website.

Domain names are registered separately from the web hosting and vary in fees. ‘Flash’ is a widely used media type developed by Macromedia.

Owing to its convenient downloading time and space, Flash has become very popular in the field of animation and graphics.

‘Shopping Cart’ is basically a soft-ware that is designed to take orders from customers on one’s website before storing them and charging for the total amount. ‘FTP’ or FILE TRANSFER PROTOCL means the uploading of one’s website’s files on the web host’s server.
‘HTML’ or HYPER TEXT MARKUP LANGUAGE is the language in which the client and the server-browsers communicate.

It is also the basic language in which one will write his website and the language. ‘CGI’ or COMMON GATEWAY INTERFACE is a processing interface whose scripts take information from the user and can process it in various ways.

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