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Sunday, 25 February 2018

Reseller Terms of Services

When ever we become a reseller host the important thing we will need is the terms, rules and conditions that we will tell to our site what can be a best web developr or best reseller?

For rules we can provide one copy of all our rules and conditions that we need to be followed by our customers when they will host their site on to our server.

We can find in the market that many resellers forget to give the rules and terms to their customers as it need time to be written and to manage the terms what we need for our business.
We can give one copy of rules and terms to our customers or we can tell and say them to apply our terms and conditions on their work.
When we become a web host then we need to provide our customers good and efficient service and support that is the essential part of our business and every customer wants it from its host.
If any problem comes to the site of any customer then we need to solve that problem as soon as possible.
Try to avoid the bad impression on to our customer mind as this will give negative effect to our business and this will give side effect to our other business too.
Reselling can become a very good and stable business for us if wechoose the good host and give best services to our customers and if our customer will be satisfied from us then we can also gain lot of profit.

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