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Sunday, 11 February 2018

Reseller plan with cpanel

Effectively, we can run our own hosting company off of another hosting company. Otherwise, why would the customer buy from us when they could buy from the main company?

Should we host our reseller web site on the same host as we are selling our reseller web site hosting? In many cases, no. Web hosting reseller hosting programs are extremely cost effective ways to capitalize on the hosting market.
Subsequently, windows reseller hosting can be very popular and profitable. Most web hosting companies offer web hosting reseller accounts as well, since the abilities are already there.

For example, the control panel like Cpanel will be branded as well towards the needs of the reseller.
Do not think, though, that because our hosting company offers private label reseller accounts that it is indemnified against the actions of the marketing organization and of the services they provide.

The same as Private label Reseller hosting, but in this case it often delivers web specific hosting tools.
Make sure we can trust our marketers and, subsequently, resellers need to make sure they can trust their web hosting provider.
How many domains can we host and how much space do we get per domain? What kind of control panels do they offer to assist us in running our business?allthese questions are important.

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