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Sunday, 25 February 2018

Resell vs hosting

Hosting, opposite to the common belief, is actually very easy to comprehend. One might initially think that understanding or acquiring web hosting requires an extensive research and much hard work.So how can resell or other hosting work?
Simply put, web hosting is getting one’s website on the internet. Every website, old or new, is actually stored on a computer and this website is fetched from that computer to the user’s computer when he types the address of that website in the URL bar of a web browser.
One’s website will be placed on a computer in the same manner. This is known as web hosting.
The person or company who owns the computer where one wants his website to be stored (hosted) is called the web host. The web host offers various packages and supplies clients with technical support in exchange of hosting fee.
Web hosting is of two major types. The first one, shared hosting is the type where a client’s website is stored on computer where there are also others’ websites.
In a nutshell, different clients’ websites exist in the same computer in this case. The second one, dedicated web hosting features a full web server acquired by the client for his hosting needs.
It means in dedicated hosting that only one client has the authority to have his website hosted in a particular computer.
Web hosting basics also include the introduction to a few technical terms. For instance, ‘Technical Support’ is the term that refers to the help and support department of the web hosting company which is a very important forweb hosting.

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