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Sunday, 11 February 2018

More about resell hosting niche

One of the problems with reselling web hosting, as in any other business, is the competition. There are a lot of web hosts out there, all competing for customers and all trying to offer the best deals.

How can we, with our new reseller hosting website, hope to compete against the established web hosting companies.

Well, there are a number of things that are in our favour.

Firstly, web hosting is an expanding market, so although there are a lot of competitors, there’s plenty of room for us to set up our reseller hosting business.
The big web hosting companies need to concentrate on the general market.This means that, as in other internet based businesses, concentrating on niche markets can be more profitable, especially if we choose a niche that other people aren’t exploiting.
We can differentiate ourself from all the other web hosting companies out there by offering a different combination of features, or maybe even just by emphasizing different features that might appeal to a particular niche.

For instance, maybe we could concentrate on hosting for real estate sites. Now most cPanel hosting with Fantastico has Open-Realty available for installing. Yet we don’t know of anybody who makes that a selling point for their web hosting.
By concentrating on a niche market, we can become recognised as an expert in the field, and benefit from recommendations from existing clients in that niche.
It also enables us to concentrate our advertising and marketing efforts into an area where there may be little or no competition.

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