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Sunday, 11 February 2018

Advantages and disadvantages with reseller acoount

We can have more flexibility with our web hosting accounts.
We can save money.
We can earn more revenue at little cost to ourself.These are some advantages of reselling.
We can focus on customer support and leave technical support to our web host.
our web host, not us, absorbs server maintenance costs.

our service is only as good as our upstream provider. If the server is frequently down, for example, we may lose clients.
If we ever have to change web hosts, the move will be an inconvenience for our clients as well as for ourself.

More open source software programs are available for Linux than for Windows, which makes Linux less expensive. While most programs (Perl, PHP, Flash, etc.) run on both platforms, a few run on only Windows or Linux.

A site that requires ASP or MS Access, for example, requires a Windows platform.
Control panels for websites range from very basic to loaded with features. As a reseller, we’ll also have a control panel for us to set up and control hosting accounts.

In Choosing our Hosting Automation Software, we compare several control panels, all of which offer good features for web host resellers.
The web host company that us choose for our reseller account is a key decision our business success depends on the quality of our host. Factors to consider when choosing a web host for a reseller account.

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